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The role of acrylic acid and use

Update Time:04-05-2012

Acrylic acid and its series products, mainly is the ester, rapid development in recent years. Such as ethylene, propylene, vinyl chloride, such acrylonitrile, develop to become important high polymer chemistry industrial raw material. Acrylic acid and its ester as polymers monomers, the world production has more than t, and made by the polymer and copolymer (mainly emulsion type resin) yield nearly 5 million t. The resin application in coatings, plastic, textile, leather, paper, building materials, packaging materials, etc and numerous departments. Acrylic acid and its ester available for organic synthesis and polymer synthesis, and the vast majority are used for the latter, and is more with other monomers, such as ethylene acetate, styrene, methyl methacrylate (mma) of copolymerization, all kinds of the performance of synthetic resin, functional polymer material and all kinds of additives, etc. Main applications: (1) the warp size and methyl methacrylate by acrylic acid, acrylic acid ethyl ester, acrylonitrile, ammonium polyacrylic acid based on raw materials such as the warp size, polyvinyl alcohol (pva) than the size of desizing capacity, save the starch. (2) with acrylic adhesive, acrylic, acrylic acid methyl ethyl ester, acrylic-2-ethyl ester copolymerization has latex, can make electrostatic flocking, the hair of the adhesives, the firm sex and feel good. (3) water thickener use bingxisuan and acrylic acid ethyl ester copolymer made into high molecular weight powder. Can be thickener, used in oil field, every tons of product can yield increase by 500 t crude oil, oil production to old Wells effect is good. (4) paper finishing agent, with acrylic butyl acrylic, acrylic-2-ethyl acetate, styrene has four yuan copolymerization latex paint for glossy paper, not the color yellow, printing performance is good, not sticky roller, than butyl benzene latex good can save dry and cool meat. (5) polyacrylic acid salts use acrylic acid to produce various polyacrylic acid salt products (such as the ammonium salt, sodium salt, potassium, aluminum salt, nickel salt, etc.). Used as a NingJiJi, water quality treatment agent, dispersant, thickener, food BaoXianJi acid and alkali resistant desiccant, softener, etc. Various kinds of polymer additives, as oil drilling mud thinners XY27 /, XY28, oilfield drilling mud drop water loss, FA368 FA367 etc.

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